Each case study is a success story, but it is worth looking at it from the perspective of the entire process, not just its successful fragment. Today we present to you a campaign for a client – Asia Jaworska from „Myśl w Ruchu”. We will tell you how we effectively increased the number of subscriptions to her newsletter list and how this translated into the sales success of her course.


Asia asked us to support the sales campaign of her „Woman in Movement” course. Analyzing the needs, we identified that the key to success would be to increase the subscriber base. We used the e-book prepared by Asia as a lead magnet.


The aim of the campaign was to acquire subscribers to the newsletter who, at a later stage, purchasing path, they will decide to purchase the “Woman on the Move” course. Activities aimed at achieving the goal were based on the use of Lead Magnet in the form of an e-book and a mini course, and we communicated using attractive graphic creations and personalized copy for the target group. Below is some data from the campaign, which was divided into two stages.

Ist stage – Acquiring subscribers:

Starting status: 600 subscribers

Cost of the implemented PPC campaign: PLN 498.46 (ebook as lead magnet)

Subscribers acquired: 649

Cost/subscriber: PLN 0.77

2nd stage – Obtaining subscribers:

Starting status: 1249 subscribers

Cost of the implemented PPC campaign: PLN 223.99 (e-mail mini course as a lead magnet)

Subscribers acquired: 487

Cost/subscriber: PLN 0.46

Target goal – Selling the course:

In achieving this goal, the main role was played by Asia’s personal brand and the mailing campaign, which came from which the most traffic came. By properly constructing a marketing funnel and ensuring at its initial stage the increase in awareness and trust in the Myśl w Ruch brand, and then moving on to sales communication, success was achieved in a short period of time, resulting in the sale of over 150 courses.


Mailing works: The e-mail subscriber base is an important element of sales success, as important as the personal brand, which was the driving force encouraging users to make a purchase.

The importance of analytics: Email tagging, traffic analysis and well-thought-out strategies are the key to understanding and optimizing results.< /span>


Marketing success is based on building a strong personal brand and continuous development of marketing resources. Properly planned, well-thought-out actions bring the expected results.

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