Only a few months have passed since Chat GPT conquered the Internet, and thus the hearts of a large group of users. It was launched on November 30, 2022, and over a million people used it during the first 5 days of operation of the intelligent chatbot. It took Twitter 24 months to achieve this, Facebook 10 months, Spotify 5 months and Instagram 3 months. OpenAl plans to continue investing in the development of GPT Chat. This is one of the reasons why it forecasts that it will reach revenues of $1 billion by 2024.

What is GPT Chat?

Chat GPT is a technology developed by OpenAl that is based on artificial intelligence. It uses the GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer) language model designed to generate answers to questions asked by the user. It was designed based on 45 terabytes of data. Thanks to this, Chat GPT can conduct conversations on various topics. The knowledge he has been equipped with allows him to understand the context, generate an intelligent response, and even question the user’s commands or admit to making a mistake. According to data from January 5, 2023, the OpenAl website was visited as many as 302 million times a month. This is undoubtedly largely related to the growing interest in GPT Chat, which attracts 13 million users daily.

Application of GPT Chat in online marketing

GPT provided by OpenAl Chat is a tool that can be used to develop a variety of content – both shorter written forms and longer statements. It is used, among others, by marketers, for whom Chat GPT allows them to save time and maximize the efficiency of the project team. And although it is not perfect, it works to a certain extent in modern internet marketing. The chatbot described is currently used primarily to create content such as:

  • product descriptions
  • blog texts,
  • headers,
  • ad descriptions in Google Ads,
  • Facebook posts.

GPT Chat is increasingly used to optimize website content. Thanks to it, it is possible to prepare unique metadata – title and description, and even group articles according to the semantics of the titles indicated to the chatbot. Chat GPT also allows you to develop summaries of specific content and filter data in analytical tools. Its possibilities are wide. However, it should be remembered that in its current version it should be treated only as an auxiliary tool that facilitates the work of people specializing in internet marketing.

Disadvantages of using GPT Chat in online marketing

Contrary to appearances, Chat GPT is not perfect. Although it works well in marketing, its functionalities should be treated with caution. OpenAl’s chatbot provides the most probable information, but not necessarily true. Therefore, there may be a situation in which Chat GPT generates a response that does not correspond to reality – even though it may seem otherwise. The second disadvantage of GPT Chat in the context of online marketing is the possibility of content duplication. If many people ask the chatbot the same question, the answers it generates may be very similar. As a result, the content will be deemed of little value by the indexing robot.

GPT Chat doesn’t always do a good job. Therefore, you must always verify the content he has created. And although its level of intelligence is impressive, it cannot compare to the intelligence of a human who must check and edit texts prepared by a chatbot. GPT Chat from OpenAl is therefore helpful in online marketing, but you cannot blindly trust it and assign tasks without checking the correctness of the content it generates. For the use of GPT Chat to make sense, the work of the chatbot must be combined with the work of a human.

How does Google respond to content generated by Chat GPT?

Google positively assessed Al’s activities, of which the GPT Chat we described is a part. So you don’t have to worry when building content using an intelligent chatbot. However, you should be vigilant and always verify whether the content it generates is truthful. It’s also worth checking whether Chat GPT’s writing style meets your specific needs. Content prepared by an intelligent chatbot may look unnatural. It is possible to prepare various texts useful in online marketing with the help of GPT Chat. However, it should be borne in mind that this content may be recognized by Google, which feels a great threat from artificial intelligence. It is not without reason thatGoogle decided to respond to the growing popularity of Al and GPT Chat by starting tests of Google Bard – its own chatbot based on artificial intelligence.

Can Chat GPT replace a marketer?

He can’t. GPT Chat is a very helpful tool in the world of internet marketing, but at the moment it cannot replace a human. The content he generates is sometimes good and can be used by marketers, thus speeding up their work. However, they cannot be equated with texts created by humans. So far, human intelligence is winning over the chatbot. Will this change? Time will tell.

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